Statement of Solidarity from Staff in the Faculty of Humanities, Social Science and Law at MMU

DEFEND EDUCATION FOR ALL- Statement of support

“We sent a statement of support for the students peacefully occupying the Roscoe Building and would like to add the following names to the list:

Dept of Sociology

Prof. Chris Allen, Prof. Scott Poynting, Dr. Christian Klesse, Patrick Williams, Dr. Susie Jacobs, Dr. Andrea Hollomotz, Jac Eke, Liz Cain, Rob Ralphs, Dr Joanne Massey, Dr. Kathryn Chadwick

Dept of Politics and Philosophy

Dr Keith Crome, Dr Mark Sinclair, Amir Barik, Dr Gary Banham, Dr Ullrich Haase, Dr. Steven Hurst, Jonathon Rodwell, Dr Mike Tyldesley, Dr Janet Mather, Don Milligan

Dept of History & Economic History

Dr Melanie Tebbutt, Prof. Neville Kirk, Dr. Tony Adams, Sam Johnson, Prof. David Nicholls.

Obviously the result on Thursday 9th December 2010 on tuition fees was disappointing, however, it did highlight how divided the Liberal Democrats are and what an unpopular bill tuition fees has been.  We would therefore urge you to continue to support any cuts in education whether in Higher Education or elsewhere.   Newspapers have stated that revenge is a dish best served cold and this will no doubt be true when the next General Election happens

Yours in solidarity

Staff in the Faculty of Humanities, Social Science and Law at MMU”

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