Message of support from Manchester Community & Mental Health UNISON

Message of Support to Occupying Students at Manchester University


Further and Higher Education Students who have opposed fees hike and abolition of EMA


Congratulations on your occupation of the Roscoe Building at Manchester University.


The recent demo’s on DayX and Day X3 in London and the demonstrations around the towns and cities of on Day X2 have been large, vibrant and impressive.


The colossal rise in University Fees from £3,000 a year to £9,000 a year is unacceptable and will definitely deter students from more disadvantaged backgrounds.


This UNISON Health branch is appalled at the shocking rise in fees and the level the coalition government has gone to in terms of it’s austerity measures.  The proposed and recent cuts in higher and further education, reduction in teaching staff and closure of many subjects limits access to higher education and also seeks to establish education as a means to future earnings potential rather than a way of learning.


We need the whole of society to come together and fight the austerity measures being imposed against us and students have lead the way to show us how to do this.


It is of course extremely disappointing that the coalition won the vote last Thursday but we must remember that it is possible to defeat legislation after it has been passed through Parliament.


The abolition of EMA will without doubt be destructive to the chances of many young people not only to go to University, but indeed to continue any education after leaving school.  The Government are wanting all young people to remain in education until 18 years of age yet taking away their lifeline to doing so.


This branch would like to offer support to all higher and further education students leading the way against the struggles and also to offer a financial donation of £500.


We need education provide us with qualified Doctors, Nurses and Allied Staff in the Health Service for decades to come and also for the health and well being of future generations.


In Solidarity

Manchester Community & Mental Health UNISON

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