Today’s messages of support

Today we’ve received so many letters of support that I’m just going to collate them all in one post.

“We members of the Discourse Unit (, a trans-institutional collaborative centre, currently located at Manchester Metropolitan University, which supports a variety of qualitative and theoretical research projects contributing to the development of radical theory and practice, send our solidarity to those occupying the Roscoe Building. Your actions are defending education for all, interpreting the world and changing it, intervening while reflecting in the best tradition of academic work.


Pam Alldred (London)

Jill Bradbury (Johannesburg)

Alex Bridger (Huddersfield)

Geoff Bunn (Manchester)

Erica Burman (Manchester)

Jane Callaghan (Northampton)

Rose Capdevila (Milton Keynes)

Daniela Caselli (Manchester)

Jude Clark (Durban)

Jan De Vos (Ghent)

Paul Duckett (Manchester)

Dan Goodley (Manchester)

David Harper (London)

Janet Low (London)

Ken McLaughlin (Manchester)

Vera Marten (Manchester)

China Mills (Manchester)

Pauline Mottram (Liverpool)

Calum Neill (Edinburgh)

Ian Parker (Manchester)

Rachel Robbins (Manchester)

Isabel Rodriguez Mora (London)

Sam Warner (Manchester)

Alexandra Zavos (Athens)”


Manchester Adult Education UCU branch support the student-led peaceful occupation of the Roscoe Lecture Theatre. Their action to defend the public funding of higher education and their opposition to the stated intention of the government to increase student fees and end the EMA are congruent with a belief in inclusive, accessible education, principles which are at the heart of society that values education at all levels. We offer our support.


Manchester Adult Education UCU



Martin Backhouse

Branch Chair

Denise Matthews

Branch Secretary

Jacqueline Goodwin

Learning Rep.”


“The undersigned, as academics, teachers, administrative staff and
researchers in the faculty of Humanities at the University of
Manchester are fundamentally opposed to the coalition government’s
proposal on the reform of HE funding on the following grounds:

•       Universities are places of education and there is a continuing
public interest in the provision of Higher Education in the arts and
humanities. Cutting the teaching budget of these departments by up to
80% poses a fundamental threat to the continued provision of high
quality teaching and research, and will have potentially serious
consequences in the long term for British education and culture.

•       We strongly believe higher education should receive strong
public funding and support, and that higher education is of value to
UK society as a whole. The proposed marketisation of education will
result in future students making decisions on higher education and
future careers in a purely economic manner.

•       There is a risk that increasing tuition fees up to £9000 and interest
rates on student debt will deter students from both poorer and middle
income backgrounds, and also deter students from postgraduate study.
This will be exacerbated by the ending of the Educational Maintenance
Allowance and the decision to scrap the AimHigher scheme. The
proposals will lead to a narrowing rather than a broadening of access
to Further
and Higher Education and a limiting of opportunities for people in
British society.”

(The previous statement came with an attached list of 252 signatories.)

“The Manchester branch of the National Union of Journalists would like to express its support for the occupation of the Roscoe Building at Manchester University and for other protest activities in the city by students from all its universities, colleges and schools.

It supports, defends and congratulates students in their resistance to the cuts. We also commend the independent press for its coverage of the protests.

Sent by Equality Officer Rachel Broady on behalf of the NUJ Manchester Branch.”


“We, staff of the School of Education, write to express our support for the campaigns against the education cuts and the magnificent campaign of action led by students.”

From Julian Williams, Professor of Mathematics Education  (UCU)

And via JW’s email from colleagues (some have provided their affiliation):


Terry Hanley

Alison Alborz (UCU)

Cate Goodlad (lecturer, MA Education)

William West

Steve Jones

Maria Pampaka

Dave Hall

Laura Black

Susie Miles

Rohhss Chapman (UCU)

John Hunter-Jones

Diane Harris (Teaching fellow, UCU)

Alan Dyson

Joanna Bragg

Aleks Jedrosz (NUT member)

Julian Edge

Richard Fay

Gary Motteram

Helen Gunter

Amanda Barton

Karen Roberts

Liz Harris

Olwen Mcnamara

David Leask

Anne Haworth

Chris Chapman

David Spendlove

Mike O’Donoghue

Valerie Farnsworth

Andy Howes

Catherine Schofield

Zeynep Onat-Stelma

John Morris (UCU)

Susan Brown

Craig Blyth

Howard Bond

Cormac Lawler”



I have just read about the movement against the cuts in the universities. From Mexico, we express our solidarity with your struggle. We must defend globally the right to education and that implies acting against privatization and other forms in which the state denies this right and transforms it into a merchandise. A lot of people support your struggle.

¡Ánimo, compas!



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