Statement of Support from MMU – Law, Humanities and Social Science

As members of staff in the faculty of Law, Humanities and Social Science we would like to offer our support and congratulations on your continued occupation. It is important that people such as yourselves stand firm against the proposed rise in tuition fees, the demise of Aim Higher and the removal of the EMA. The result of the vote on 9th December 2010 will affect many generations to come and it is crucial that we stand up now, as how these cuts are handled will set a precedent for future public funding cuts. The government are ultimately heading towards a privatised and much reduced public sector which will be highly damaging to British society.

Your peaceful occupation of the Roscoe building is an important step in sending a message that proposed cuts to education will not be tolerated. Combined with the number of demonstrations, protests, rallies and other activities around the country a strong message is being sent to the ConDem government. Education is so important for all individuals as a means of combating social exclusion and promoting social mobility and to the country as a whole, as one of our strengths is as a knowledge economy. We therefore encourage and support your resistance to these cuts and will continue to do so in the future. Together we can defend education.

In Solidarity

Staff from Dept of Sociology and Dept of Politics and Philosophy at MMU

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