Solidarity from Emma Thompson!

We received a message of support from Emma Thompson:

“To the occupiers of the Roscoe Building in Manchester, I write to you an email of solidarity. Having followed the plight of those who have been removed from their posts in supporting the protest, I am delighted to see that you are still standing strong. Your fellow students should be proud of those who are fighting for what they believe in. Despite the fact that I am not a student now, I was once; whether thirty years from graduation like myself or graduating this year, those involved in higher education past and present must unite.

Once again, solidarity.
Yours Faithfully,

Emma Thompson.”


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3 Responses to Solidarity from Emma Thompson!

  1. Lauren Day-Cooper says:

    Hello all!

    The current Tory-Liberal coalition cuts will decimate the achievements made by Labour in higher education. I applaud not just Aaron Porter’s comments in support of occupations but the work those involved in the campaign to raise awareness about these cuts.

    We are told these cuts are inevitable and that there is no alternative – except there is always an alternative! Given the opportunity, I would be more than willing to help co-ordinate work between the occupation at the University of Manchester and the Labour Club at MMU.

    All the best in your efforts.

    Lauren Day-Cooper
    Manchester Labour Students Co-Chair
    (personal capacity)

  2. Kaze no Kae says:

    Obama borrowed it from Cesar Chavez and the struggle for unionisation of of Mexican migrant farmworkers in the southern US, and before that a century of struggle in Latin America. ¡sí se puede!

    Venceremos, compañeros

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