Message of support from MMU English Department

“Staff from the Department of English at Manchester Metropolitan University would like to express their support for the occupation of the Roscoe Building at Manchester University, and for other activities by students around the country protesting at the Coalition government’s vicious and ideologically driven demolition of publicly funded Higher Education.

We understand Higher Education to be a social good and believe the proposed increases in student fees, the drastic cuts of public funding for university teaching, the unheralded attack on the arts, humanities and social sciences funding, the ending of the EMA scheme and the closure of AimHigher constitute nothing more than vandalism. These measures strike at the very core of the enlightened principles upon which Higher Education has been built. They represent an utter abandonment of education to the demands of the marketplace. They ignore the cultural, social, personal and economic benefits that university education provides. They will be to the detriment of social mobility, and will lead to increased social exclusion and inequality.

We therefore support and congratulate all students in Greater Manchester in their resistance to these cuts.

Andrew Moor
Ellie Byrne
Lucy Burke
Linnie Blake
Vicki Bertram
Sue Zlosnik
Berthold Schoene
Sherry Ashworth
Rachel Broady
Julie Wilkinson
Huw Jones
Anna Powell
Aidan Arrowsmith
Ginette Carpenter
Jess Edwards
Helen Nicholson”

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One Response to Message of support from MMU English Department

  1. Chris Perriam says:

    The Department of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies at the University of Manchester wishes to convey its strong support for those occupying the Roscoe Building in resistance to the government’s damaging proposals for the Higher Education sector. The effects of transferring to students the burden of responsibility for funding of the teaching of languages, and of arts, humanities and social sciences overall, are obvious and wide-ranging. In particular they take away equality of opportunity for students to train as key workers in the vital task of positioning the UK internationally; and they threaten, through reductive marketization, to make knowledge of other cultures a scarce commodity.

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