Lecturer pressures management on our behalf

Our thanks go out to Dr. Nuno Ferreira for this heartfelt letter.

“Dear Professor Rothwell,
I understand that the students occupying Theatre A in the Roscoe Building have been threatened with disciplinary action. I am writing to you to express my concern in relation to this reaction.

Universities exist to educate people, and an essential part of education is critical thinking and purposeful action. I feel very worried when I detect lack of any of these in my students, and unfortunately that happens more and more often. If we wish to have a society made of lobotomised people, why should we waste so many resources educating them? On the contrary, I feel extremely happy when I see that a large number of our students still has the necessary critical capacity and resourcefulness to act in face of such dramatic and horrific proposals such as the ones proposed by the present government. I thus believe that the University of Manchester’s management should praise these students for standing up against the dreadful measures that are being proposed. Not only the University should not in any way render the action of these students any harder than it already is, but it should actually do everything that it can to support it. These students are doing what the University should also be doing – challenging the measures proposed by the Browne review, rather than passively accepting them -, so the least we can do is to encourage these students!

Yours sincerely,
Nuno Ferreira,
Lecturer in Law”

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3 Responses to Lecturer pressures management on our behalf

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  2. Tanzil says:

    ohhhh! big up the school of law! preconceptions getting stamped each day man

  3. Lele says:

    This letter restores my faith in humanity. A grown-up who encourages the kids to think for themselves, well done. Keep up the good work guys, do not let the powers that be talk you into easy passivity.

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