Day X is Thursday make it a day of protest

As you have probably heard by now the government will be voting on plans to raise cap on fees to £9,000 this coming Thursday.   This leaves us less than a week to bring down the government.  At a 200 strong assembly against the cuts yesterday people voted to call for two days of protests.  On Wednesday we will be assembling at University place 11.30pm and then marching at 12 to Piccadilly Gardens.  This site was chose so we could call on people working in Manchester to come out at 1pm and join is for a rally.  Students are just the group currently under attack by the government.  Their planned cuts will affect everyone so we urge workers and other to join us 1pm in Piccadilly gardens and for students to join the march from 12 at university place.

On Thursday parliament will be voting so we plan to send as many people as possible down to London to join the protests against the cuts.  Tickets are now on sale from UMSU for £10 for the first 100 man uni students and £24 after that.   We are putting out a call for donations to cover the cost of sending more people down especially for college students who may be unable to afford the full.  Bolton Unison have already pledged £200 for the campaign.  If you or your organisation can buy some seats for college students be very useful each seat costs £24.  We are also sending mini buses down the night before for people who want to meet their MP just before the vote contact the UMSU campaigns officer for more info on this.

Whatever happens this vote is not the end of the campaign we will be having a meeting Friday at 5pm in the occupied space to discuss where next and have put a call out to all the other occupations and anti cuts groups for a coordinating meeting in January.

Join the protests this week Wednesday in Manchester, Thursday in London.

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8 Responses to Day X is Thursday make it a day of protest

  1. Naeem says:


    where in the union do we buy tickets from?

    Also are there any meetings planned for tomorrow?

  2. OnlyWayIsRight says:

    Tuition fees not rising would only lead to tax increases for workers. Why would they want to help a group of self obsessed lefty students campaign so they pay higher taxes? I think not.

  3. Roy says:

    Or it could lead to tax rises for the rich, ‘onlywayisright’, or perhaps to the rich paying tax at all! Education doesn’t only benefit those receiving the education, it benefits the whole of society. I’ve never been in hospital, but I don’t mind paying taxes for those who do. My house has never burnt down, but I don’t mind paying taxes to provide a free fire service for those who have. I have however, been to university. And, like Cameron, Osborn and Clegg, I didn’t pay a penny in fees. So I am one worker who is fully behind the students. In fact I would be more than happy to donate £24 so a student can get to the demo in London. Where do I send the money?

  4. Hope says:

    Hi, I’m from Huddersfield, is there any way I can get a couple of coach tickets down to London?

  5. Tickets from reception or ticket office

  6. Dan Brown says:

    i have to say i love the optimism

    ‘a week to bring down the government’

    o l o l o l o l o l

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