Wednesday Round-up and announcement of 9th December

Following the success of yesterday’s peaceful demonstration, Roscoe Theatre B is still very active; there are at least 40 of us occupying tonight with lots of new faces on board too. Once again we have had late night open access to the building thanks to a dedicated team of human draught excluders lying in the entrance in their sleeping bags which I can hand on heart say was much cosier than it sounds thanks to a tea and biscuit delivery team. We intend to continue late night access to Roscoe so please come down and show your face in the evenings for a brew and twilight action planning.

This afternoon saw a great series of alternative lectures from the English and American Studies department. Jerome de Groot, David Alderson, Robert Spencer and Carolyn Broomhead all spoke on the subject of “Radicalism, Literature and Culture in University” with video clips and open discussions and on the whole the lectures reiterated our desire to take control of the direction of our own education. It felt like the activities of the day utilised the occupied Roscoe Theatre space perfectly with students, lecturers, members of the public and college students coming and going.

Having lecturers speaking here and with more university departments declaring their solidarity for the occupation is massively encouraging and there has been talk of inviting as many lecturers as possible to speak in the theatre space. You can help by speaking to your professors and tutors about presenting alternative talks in order to keep as many interesting activities part of the Roscoe occupation timetable.

The biggest news of the day was the announcement of next Thursday 9th December as the day of the parliamentary vote on student fees and higher education cuts. This has kick started planning for the second national demo in London and we’ve already organised an Emergency Meeting for this Friday 3rd December for Manchester to talk about getting as many people down to the capital to show their support. The meeting will start at 5pm and continue until about 9pm for those wishing to attend after work.

On a final note, the talk from Lisa Ansell who has written for the Guardian as well as having two successful blogs of her own was a particular high point today; she gave a wider perspective of how the cuts will affect others beyond the student community and reminded us of the impact that one person can have- she stated that she stands against the cuts not as somebody with a background in politics or journalism but as a member of society.

Tomorrow sees another busy day for activities in Roscoe, though maybe held in seminar rooms within the building. Check the notice board on arrival for locations.

12pm ‘Global Finance and the Crisis’

1pm General meeting

2pm Kevin Gillan on Social Movements

3pm David Wilkinson: ‘Pop Music and Protests’

4pm LGBT Society Anti Cuts discussion

5pm Anti-Cuts organising meeting

6pm Ben Tallis Guest Lecture

7pm Event TBC.

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