Message of support from academics and researchers in the Politics Dept.

“The undersigned academics and researchers working in the department
of Politics at the University of Manchester:
1.      Support the ongoing student-led protests in the face of threats
posed to higher education by the coalition government.
2.      Support the ongoing peaceful occupation of the University of
Manchester and free access to the occupied lecture theatre.
3.      Defend the public funding of higher education and the Humanities
and the values that brought us into higher education, which reflect
the wider significance of education to society.

Benjamin Lee, PhD student
Benjamin Tallis, PhD student
Bilge Azgin, PhD student
Carlos Lopez-Benitez, PhD student
David Tobin, PhD student
Christopher Mills, PhD student
Dean Redfearn, PhD student
Dr. Dimitris Papadimitriou, Senior Lecturer in European Politics
Fabiola Mieres, PhD student
Dr. Elena Barabantseva, Lecturer
Eli Gateva, PhD student
Gareth Price-Thomas, PhD student
Georgios Kyris, PhD student
German Prieto Corredor, PhD student
Giulia Sirigu, PhD student
Dr. Helen Dexter, Lecturer in International Politics
Dr. Ian Bruff, Lecturer in European and International Politics
James Alexander, PhD student
Jamie Johnson, PhD student
Dr. Japhy Wilson, Teaching Fellow
Jared Ahmad, PhD student
Dr. Jill Lovecy, Lecturer
John Derbyshire, PhD student
Julia Welland, PhD student
Kathryn Starnes, PhD student
Laura White, PhD student
Myriam  Jaquelin Gomez Mendez, PhD student
Dr Nick Turnbull, Lecturer
Patrick Pinkertons, PhD student
Precious Chatterje-Taylor, PhD student
Rebecca Ehata, PhD student
Robert Munro, PhD student
Roisin Read, PhD student
Simon Orth, PhD student
Stephanie Rinaldi, PhD student
Stephen Hood, PhD student
Dr. Stuart Shields, Lecturer
Thomas Gregory, PhD student
Tomas Maltby, PhD student”

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3 Responses to Message of support from academics and researchers in the Politics Dept.

  1. Dr Encarnacion Gutierrez Rodriguez says:

    Just leaving my message of support!
    Senior Lecturer, Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies

  2. Frank Carr says:

    Good luck with the occupation; I hope you are getting full media attention.

  3. jane wilson says:

    good luck on thursday

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