Message of solidarity from History Department

Staff from History wish to convey their support for the occupation of the Roscoe Building.  The undersigned believe that the ending of government funding for the teaching of the Humanities and Social Sciences will alter the very nature of Higher Education.  They will commercialise and commodify it in a way that is quite at odds with free expression and the teaching of independant thought.  Putting the burden of funding onto students by the massive raising of tuition fees will be socially divisive and will lead to greater social inequality.  We therefore support our students in their resistance to these regressive and unfair cuts
Paul Fouracre
Streven Pierce
Pedro Ramos Pinto
Deborah Toner
Reuban Loffman
Nev Kirk
Paul Halsall
Charlotte Wildman
Bertrand Taithe
Aaron Moore
Ana Carden-Coyne
Yangwen Zheng
Natalie Zacek
Frank Mort
Christopher Godden
Penny Summerfield
Nick Higham
Peter Gatrell
Maiken Umbach
Julie-Marie Strange
Joe Bergin
Peter Kirby
Katherine Davies
Zoe Groves
Till Geiger

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3 Responses to Message of solidarity from History Department

  1. Shirin says:

    What a brilliant message!

  2. Anna says:

    This makes me proud to be a Manchester Uni History Graduate.

  3. Catherine Feely says:

    As a PhD student and Graduate Teaching Assistant in History, I would like also like to publically express my support for your occupation and say how proud I am of all of our students who are involved in this fight for the survival of our subject, and for higher education in general. We all stand behind you.

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