List of those who have pledged support

Hopefully this list will be fairly comprehensive, but it’s hard to keep track of everyone, just because there have been so many of you!

  • Noam Chomsky
  • Billy Bragg
  • Arthur Scargill
  • The NUS
  • UCU
  • The University of Manchester School of Law
  • The University of Manchester Sociology Department
  • Dr Dalia Mostafa, Middle Eastern Studies, The University of Manchester
  • Lisa Ansell (Guardian Journalist)
  • Jerome de Groot, Carolyn Broomhead, David Alderson and Robert Spencer from the UoM Dept of English and American Studies
  • Professor Jean Shaoul from the Manchester Business School
  • Dr. Japhy Wilson from the UoM School of Social Sciences
  • University of Manchester Student Union
  • Every other student occupation
  • Colin Barker, eminent British academic sociologist
  • Arthur Scargill, president of the Socialist Labour Party
  • Alex Callinicos
  • Councillor Alison Firth
  • Dr. Mark Fenemore, Department of History & Economic History, Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Councillor Mike Amesbury
  • Caroline Bedale
  • Katie Anonymous, member of staff at MMU
  • Dr. Chris Erswell
  • Alex Jackson, MMU support staff worker
  • John Cooper Clarke
  • Jack Graham
  • Mummy Jo, Oliver (8) and Lily (5)
  • Dr. Max Pemberton, The Daily Telegraph
  • NUJ
  • Dr Carlos Frade, School of English Sociology Politics & C. History, University of Salford
  • Louise Bolotin, independent journalist
  • David Howell, Professor of Politics, University of York
  • Councillor Ken Hulme
  • Michael Herbert – Trustee of the Working Class Movement Library in Salford
  • Dr. Ozlem Onaran, Senior Lecturer in Economics, Middlesex University
  • Adam White, Greater Manchester Labour Representation Committee, Chair
  • Derek Fraser, Manchester Respect
  • The National Students Federation of Pakistan
  • Ivan Leuder, Professor of Analytical and Historical Sciences, UoM
  • Harry Mucklestone
  • Stretford High School
  • Campaign Against Climate Change
  • MMU Unison Young Members Group
  • Rosie Warren, University of Sheffield
  • Lindsay German
  • Hundreds of messages on Twitter and Facebook

Apologies if I missed you off this list. It’s just a vague attempt at getting some idea of the numbers of messages we’ve received in the last week.

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6 Responses to List of those who have pledged support

  1. Cheryl mum of 4 says:

    I’d like to add my name to this list. My eldest 2 are currently affected by the threat of losing EMA. Especially tragic to my 2nd son who is passionate about his education and wants to do a BSc in Physics in 3 years yet without EMA he may not even be able to afford his A Levels as we can’t afford the cost of subsidising the cost unless one of us gets a job. The 2 youngest kids I worry more for. Their future is being sabotaged as I’m trying to encourage them to believe their education will help their future.
    Thank you to all you wonderful students opposing the destruction of my childrens future.

  2. OnlyWayIsRight says:

    # The NUS
    # UNITE
    # UNISON
    # UCU

    Next thing we know the TUC will come out in favour

  3. James O'Leary says:

    You forgot Chris Brown the Wimborne town crier other wise known as DJ Dapper Dan

  4. Dr Encarnacion Gutierrez Rodriguez says:

    Solidarity note!

  5. Jenny Wilkes says:

    I’d like to add my message of solidarity. I’m an MA student at Salford Uni, and I’m incredibly proud to be a student right now. This is the start of something big! Massive respect for everyone involved in the occupation. I’m going to swing by tomorrow and come and show my support.

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