Radicalism, Literature, Culture and the University

Tomorrow afternoon from 1pm to 3pm, the Roscoe Occupation is very happy to welcome speakers from the University of Manchester English and American Studies departments for a series of talks entitled “Radicalism, Literature, Culture and the University”.

The speakers are:

Jerome de Groot – History of English Radical Politics

David Alderson – Marxism/Queer

Robert Spencer – Globalisation and the University

Carolyn Broomhead – Mary Wollstonecraft: a Vindication of the Rights of Students.

We are very proud to be hosting such an interesting series of talks, and thanks go out specifically to Jerome de Groot for offering the services of himself and the other speakers.

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6 Responses to Radicalism, Literature, Culture and the University

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  2. Travis says:

    My son is studying at Manchester University and, to be honest, I was briefly taken aback with the word “radicalism”. After all, I wouldn’t want my son to become a radical.

    With the help of the media, this word has taken on a sinister meaning. In today’s culture “radicalism” seems to translate to, “Someone who is ready to strap on a bomb then blow themselves up in a tube station for [insert cause here]”.

    To me, the methods (non-violent protests, occupation) and tools (Facebook, Twitter, etc) employed by students to express their frustration so far has been incredibly radical, effective and foreign to an establishment that have appeared to insulate themselves from the modern world. Thinking back, the current government are just as old-fashioned as the one I remember when I was your age.

    It seems that nothing ever changes.

    Not so.

    Everything always changes.

    As long as you’re prepared to voice your dissatisfaction, your achievements will strengthen the essence of the human soul and, we as a culture, will progress and improve.

    …and I’ll be proud to call my son a radical.

    • This is a really great comment. I’m going to link to it elsewhere.

    • Charli says:

      Really impressed by your view on this and I hope that other parents will have a similar view to their children fighting for their rights. My Mum has reassured me that she supports what we are doing and it always helps to hear that you have people behind you. Thanks for your support!

  3. when time permits, please do come and visit our library, the Working Class Movement Library, 51 The Crescent Salford which is one of the finest collections on the history of radical movements in Britain from the time of Thomas Paine and Mary Wollstonecroft to the present day. Our motto is Knowledge is Power, taken from the Poor Man’s Guardian published by Henry Hetherington in 1831

    Michael Herbert – Trustee of the library (and participant in occupation of the University of Manchester in 1977)

  4. thalis says:

    Lovin’ this blog post! Thanks for all the news updates.

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