Message of Solidarity from Manchester Sociology Department

We have just received an email from the UoM Sociology Dept:

Dear Roscoe Occupiers,

As members of staff in Sociology at the University of Manchester we write in solidarity to congratulate you on your occupation. You are making a principled, practical, and effective stand against the ConDem’s efforts to effectively remove the right to higher education and to burden students with a tremendous debt that they had no part in creating. You stand too against the pernicious regime of public sector cuts — cuts driven by a deliberate strategy to break up public services and further extend the market, with its profit motive and vast inequalities, into all areas of social life. We note that the efforts of students across the country have already forced the NUS, in fear of losing its authority, to back the occupations nationally. You have our full support.


Dr Nick Thoburn
Dr Lucy Gibson
Professor Carol Smart
Dr Richie Nimmo
Professor Nick Crossley
Dr Peter McMylor
Dr Navtej Purewal

Dr Kevin Gillan
Dr Niamh Moore
Professor James Nazroo
Professor Martin Everett
Dr Christian Greiffenhagen
Dr Gemma Edwards
Dr Petra Nordqvist
Dr Athanasia Chalari
Professor Sue Heath
Dr Bridget Byrne
Dr Sophie Woodward
Dr Vanessa May
Dr Helene Snee
Dr James Rhodes
Dr Paul Kelemen
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3 Responses to Message of Solidarity from Manchester Sociology Department

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  2. DAVID HOWELL says:

    As a former member of the Manchester University Government Department I wish to support the statement of solidarity made by members of the Sociology Department. The Government’s policy seeks to hide its reactionary ideological agenda behind a figleaf of economic necessity. It would privatise teaching in the arts and social sciences by withdrawing the teaching grant. It would advantage those who chose their parents wisely. The policy enjoys the consent of many Vice Chancellors who have bought into the neo liberal model. To label this policy progressive is a degradation of language that would be at home in Orwell’s 1984. What is at stake are two vital principles-democratic access to higher education and the protection of the intellectual achievements of past generations against the whims of the market place. Yours in solidarity David Howell Professor of Politics University of York

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