Minutes of today’s general meeting


Plan for 30th November Student Strike

* Picket Lines from 9am- to join in meet at half past the hour at the Roscoe building to collect materials and join the teams going out.

* Rally 12 noon University Place Man Uni students

* Rally 12 noon All Saints Park Man Met students

* Rally 1pm Cathedral Gardens (Urbis) College students

* Mass rally in the occupied space after the protests: time tbc

There are several contingency plans for the day. A committee has been elected to make this judgement call on the day.


We are now the only occupation in the country that doesn’t have access in the evenings. University management are complaining about disruption of lectures in the building but we wouldn’t have to disrupt lectures if we can freely organise in the evenings. 24 hour access is one of our key demands on university management.

–          A petition has been designed for use for the rest of the week.

–          We are trying to get a mixture of key signatories (NUS officials, trade union leaders, Noam Chomsky- who has sent us a message of support, etc) and students, trade unionists etc.


– Posters and leaflets available to be collected from the occupation to plaster across campus.

– Lecture shout outs- meet at quarter to the hour at the occupation for a briefing and to collect leaflets and posters to use.

– Media: we have press released on a continual basis to every radio station, tv station and newspaper locally and nationally. We have interviews on most major news programmes, radio stations on Tuesday morning. Various local papers have visited and are running news stories.

– A leaflet is being designed to use with non-students.

– Pensioners groups have approached us to join the protests.

– Various trade unions and community groups have approached us to send speakers to their next branch meetings. We have written to all trade unions in Manchester asking if people would like a speaker to come in. A timetable of these meetings is available from the occupation. If you are a member of another organisation, society etc that would like a speaker please get in touch.

– There are leafleting sessions outside local schools and colleges in the area. Please come down and volunteer.


Delegates from Manchester went to the Education Activist Network Co-Ordinating Meeting in London. Over 100 people came from around the country and agreed to a set of national demands including (1) No to fees (2) No to cuts in EMA (3) No Public Sector Cuts (4) Defend all protestors from victimisation (4) call on other students and workers to join the revolt against the Tory cuts.

We have voted unanimously to agree to support these demands and will be marching for these demands on Tuesday.

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