Message regarding the National Day of Action 30th November

Hey everyone,
Day of action tomorrow, come down to Roscoe as early as possible (8.30am onwards) to help organise picket lines/flyering as early as possible. The importance of this march on the day an open debate in commons is taking place on the subject of Tuition Fees is clear, we must show that we stand united against Tuition Fees and Higher Education cuts, only together we can beat these attacks on the welfare state. The policies do not represent fairness and if you need to do some convincing then the following MythBuster will hopefully help you convince the unconvinced;
If you don’t have time to promote the event then make sure you are there at 12pm in University Square (Tin Can). Bring as many people as you can and let’s have another great demonstration. We hope to build momentum from this demonstration to channel into the occupation.
A petition will also be going round tomorrow to grant the occupation full access, ours is currently the only occupation without 24 hour access, with this we could widen the range of events and broaden participation in our protest. We urge you to sign this, in combination with greater support we hope to force the university’s hand.
If anyone is unsure regarding the law on ‘kettling’, we have checked and if the police ask you to give your details and take a photo of you, you are not obliged to give them this. you are obliged to remove anything covering your face but when asked for your name simply say ‘No Comment’ and turn away whenever they try to take a photo of you. If you do choose to give them your details they will be kept on file for 7 years so we thoroughly recommend you do not do this!
We also encourage everyone to e-mail their MP and others if they have not yet done so. The following Lib Dem MPs have publicly said they will vote against the Tuition fee increases: Tim Farron, Charles Kennedy, Sir Menzies Campbell, Mike Hancock, Bob Russell, Greg Mulholland, John Pugh, Mark Williams, Roger Williams, Martin Horwood, Julian Huppert, Ian Swales and John Leech. We would encourage you to e-mail one or all of them thanking them for keeping their pre-election pledge and urge them to oppose cuts, and try and convince their colleagues that this is a make or break issue for their party.
Further events will be taking place in the afternoon, follow the crowds back to Roscoe!
See you all tomorrow!
Roscoe Occupation 2010
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