Plan for Monday

The occupation has survived the weekend of lock down and to celebrate we will be having a series of events on Monday to build for the walk out on Tuesday.

9-9.30am short planning meeting for days activities

9.30-12 distribution of publicity around the University turn up at Roscoe when you can help out.

12-1pm mass meeting to plan for Tuesday and beyond

1-2pm more publicity distribution across University

2-3pm Guest Speaker Colin Barker (1968 veteran) doing talk on May 68 and the student struggle since then

3-4pm leafleting at colleges to build for Tuesday

5pm further planning meeting in occupation

6pm City-wide co-ordinating meeting called by Education Activist Network
Friends Meeting House, Mount St, Manchester M2 5NS.
Open to all students, staff and teachers who want to defend education.  (Note you may be unable to get back in to occupation after this event)

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3 Responses to Plan for Monday

  1. Matt Hale says:

    There will also be an organising meeting for MMU students at 5 in the social space of MMUnion located on the 2nd floor.

  2. Ozlem Onaran says:

    Dear Students and Colleagues,

    Your occupation and mobilization is showing us the way to resist the cuts not
    only at the universities but also at the work places. Cuts in education and the
    rise in tuition fees are neither neccessary nor rational from a social and
    economic viewpoint. Education is a public good, should be free and has to be
    financed by progressive taxes. You are now showing that cuts are also not
    unavoidable, and we have an alternative.
    In solidarity,
    Dr. Ozlem Onaran, Senior Lecturer in Economics, Middlesex University

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