Aaron Porter pledges NUS support at UCL Occupation.

From the UCL Occupation blog:

“Aaron Porter, the President of the National Union of Students, this morning visited the UCL Occupation. We presented the following demands, to which Aaron agreed in full;

  • to publicly support all student occupations- on the frontpage of the NUS website and all available media.
  • to call immediately for a new wave of occupations as a legitimate form of protest against fees and cuts.
  • to organise financial, legal & political aid for all current and future occupations.
  • to call a national day of action on the day of the parliamentary vote on tuition fees.
  • to officially support any staff taking further industrial action on cuts in the education sector.

We welcome that Aaron also conceded NUS has not done enough in support of this and other actions. Now the priority must be to move forward with concrete proposals to continue the struggle.”


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2 Responses to Aaron Porter pledges NUS support at UCL Occupation.

  1. Adam White says:

    You, that is students at the University of Manchester are a flying example that todays youth are interested in politics. Yet what we are seeing is far more than just interest.

    The fight for education, and the fight for a future that is fair for all is one that the LRC completely endorses and one that I can only offer my complete support in any way possible.

    Adam White
    Greater Manchester Labour Representation Committee, Chair
    (Personal capacity)

  2. I don't want to say says:

    After hearing only earlier the actions of your university management, I find it despicable that some people would put the Tory desire to wreck higher education before the need for an educated population.

    I say down with the cuts, down with the Liberals, down with the Tories and down with the Coalition government.

    Lets ‘ave ’em!

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