The delegation to London has arrived/Other News

All two of us! That’s right, we’re both now sitting happily in a huge room full of happy protesters. The room is a far better room to occupy than the one we have, by the looks of it, and it’s covered in posters. Tomorrow UCL are holding some sort of festival day with various speakers coming along, including Aaron Porter. If you’re a Londoner reading this blog make sure you show up at some point tomorrow.

The Manchester delegation will be attending the general coordination meeting at Birkbeck College tomorrow, to discuss in greater detail what the movement is planning for the future.

In other news, whilst in lockdown, the Manchester Occupation has created a human pyramid! Whilst it’s very small, we still challenge all other occupations to beat it.

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One Response to The delegation to London has arrived/Other News

  1. @nne says:

    Be patient, guys, and courage ! In France, our voice wasn’t heard but I hope yours will be. cause all these new laws, all these decisions are our future, so thanks so much to not let them do what they want without our opinion.
    that’s nothing, but you’ve got my full support on this.


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