Security barricade fire doors

Earlier at the Roscoe Rally we managed to get some more people into the locked down lecture theatre via a fire door. No violence was used to open the door and it wasn’t alarmed.

In reaction to this, the security have now barricaded the fire doors shut.

Here’s the first photo we’ve got, but more are to follow, so continue to watch this space as I’ll edit more photos and hopefully a video in.

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5 Responses to Security barricade fire doors

  1. hendipratama says:

    aku cari teman tuk twitter

  2. Derek Fraser (Manchester Respect) says:

    Good luck in your struggle to get Manchester University management to make clear their opposition to the Con-Dem proposals to hike up tutition fees. Your struggle is part of the wider European struggle to stop the rich bankers make us pay for their crisis.
    Respect stands completely behind any action students take to defend the future of education in this country. Both Slam Yacoub and George Galloway from Respect stand completely behind you and we hope to speak to you in the future where we can share a platform with other people invovled in the struggles to come.

    Yours in solidarity
    Derek Fraser
    (Manchester Respect)

  3. emma says:

    can you still get out ok in an energency? if you dont think you can for any resion can you drop me or hannah a bell so we can try and enshour that the univerity keeps the bilding safe for you. Keep morail up


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