Rumours of Coalition in Crisis

See this article for full details:

We need to fight on and show solidarity to force the crisis.

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4 Responses to Rumours of Coalition in Crisis

  1. A Message of solidarity

    National Students Federation Pakistan arranged a meeting in Lahore on 27-11-2010.we had discussion with Comrade Jeoff Brown from Socialist workers Party .He is Part of your movement.Being the only progressive students Federation,we can understand your struggle,as we have a history of Struggle against ruling class for our rights.we pay solidarity to your struggle.
    NSF Lahore,Pakistan

  2. Arthur Scargill says:

    The latest wave of student strikes is reminiscent of the May 68 days.

    Keep up the fight ladies and gentleman.

    This is a fight for jobs, education and all public services.


    Arthur Scargill
    Socialist Labour Party, President

  3. Ryan Moffat says:

    I sent you a quick chat message before but I’ll do a proper one now.
    I’m not Chomsky or Scargill but I’m glad people were inspired on Wednesday, I wish I could be with you socialist toerags right now. Kudos for everyone at the protest in Manchester and all over the country, huge respect to all my friends in occupation everyone is proud of you. Props to all students in occupation up and down the country. “WHEN I SAY STUDENT YOU SAY POWER, STUDENT… 🙂
    Ryan Moffat
    “The Cam’ed up student”

    • You may not be Chomsky or Scargill, but everyone who was at the protest on Wednesday and saw you outside the town hall and down Oxford Road knows that you were one of the main sources of inspiration for everyone present. The amount of pictures of you are testament to that. You are the only person who I can mention to anyone at all in the occupation or around Manchester and they’ll know you.

      See you on Tuesday at the next march.

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