Solidarity to Newcastle!

The occupation at Newcastle University is going well! After problems with security and stopping non-students from coming in easily over the last few days, the university has now agreed that the occupation can decide who comes in and out provided it is just students staying overnight. So student ID not a problem and the school students can now come and go more freely than before.

With the gigs and discussions last night the numbers swelled and there are now over 70 in listening to alternative lecture on global capitalism from politics lecture, before planning meeting to discuss the weekends plans, the day of action, holding a general student assembly and more!

The students union officers have been down and been friendly, and have sent an email saying they support the occupation (though not able to encourage people to attend which was daft and a bit feeble) and the union are now supporting the next day of action after pulling there support from this one, which is a small step forward.

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