UCU Delegates

We’ve just had a party of delegates from the UCU meeting come into our occupation to show support. Three members gave speeches and possibly the most inspiring news was the news that over half of the execs of the UCU Committee have now signed a pledge to support the students being victimised over the violence and protests in London two weeks ago and in the protests around the country yesterday.

I’m going to receive an email with further news of what happened at their meeting soon, and when I do I’ll put it up on the blog. That should be very interesting so keep your eyes peeled.

There was a lot of talk, a lot of very true talk, about the government in this situation being the minority in that they lied to get into power and do not have anything like the support of the masses. The protests around the country can be powerful in uniting against the government and they can be overcome. Stick together, keep protesting, keep occupying, and stand strong with your fellow student and your fellow protestor.

Ps. The UCU delegates just came back in to give us £80 towards food. Amazing! Cheers guys.

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3 Responses to UCU Delegates

  1. Joe Sheffer says:

    Are you still in the Roscoe building. Will you be staying tonight?

  2. Jon Gardner says:

    Fullest support for you all! Keep warm and enjoy Lidl’s bounty!

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