The Roscoe Occupation’s List of Demands.

List of demands from the University.

Calling on the uni to pledge not to increase fees.

Calling on the uni to pledge not to implement cuts.

Issue a statement saying that uni is opposed to both above things.

No victimisation of students involved here, at Millbank or on Oxford Road.

Call other universities and colleges to go into occupation.

Call to protect university staff in danger of forced ‘voluntary redundancy’.

Open the books on cuts and fees.

Open door policy for the Roscoe building.

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10 Responses to The Roscoe Occupation’s List of Demands.

  1. Catler says:

    Well done for being realistic, what next, FREE PALESTINE?

  2. Student says:

    You guys and gals mind if i come and see you, i’ll bring food,

    keep strong!

  3. Old Lady says:

    Well done to all of you! It is a relief to see young people prepared to fight back against this government and their cuts against working people. Good luck.

  4. Dawes says:

    already idiot students trying to undermine other students trying to make a difference. catler, how about you fuck off complaining. i hate HATE dicks like this. keep up the good work roscoe peeps.

  5. David Cameron says:

    1 person does not count as an occupation!

    • we have over a hundred in there at the moment. during the lectures we take most people out to allow students to continue with their lectures undisrupted, but there were about fifteen of us dotted around throughout each of today’s morning lectures. from now till midnight we won’t fall below 50 people

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