The 5.30pm meeting.

We’ve just finished the 5.30pm meeting and come to a series of conclusions.

Tomorrow from 1pm onwards will be a day of teach ins and free seminars open to anyone. We’re contacting lecturers who are interested in contributing to our cause, and we’re putting on a series of talks, drop ins and lectures to inform and explain why we’re here. If you’re interested in why we’re occupying, or even a little more about what an occupation is, come along and find out what’s going on.

There will be an anti-cuts meeting here tomorrow at 5pm. This is probably the most important event of the day, and people are heavily encouraged to get involved. Bring as many people as you can.

We’ll be more than happy to receive any help making banners and flyers, which will be taking place all day. Additionally, if you have banners and flyers from the march on Wednesday, bring them along and donate them.

Student societies are being contacted to put on events here.

This is also a shout out to all other occupations around the country to coordinate with each other and send delegates down to the national coordination meeting on Sunday in London.

In solidarity, and very happy for all the messages from supporters and other occupations alike.

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