Summary of the 2pm meeting.

First of all, apologies for the lateness of this update. Towards the end of our meeting there was a pharmacy lecture scheduled in Theatre B, so the majority of us vacated to the foyer to allow the lecture to continue. My laptop couldn’t pick up a wifi signal so I’m only just back online!

The 2pm meeting was attended by about 65 people, most of whom volunteered their support in one way or another. At least 25 people look to be occupying again tonight with other people prepared to occupy on subsequent nights. Various people are petitioning on campus, others are doing lecture shout outs, a band just got back from LIDL and Tesco with an absolute mountain of food and we’ve had donations of Krispy Kremes from a mystery someone…

After the meeting five of us marched to Nancy Rothwell to present her with our list of demands. We passed the list on via a security guard and were promised notification when she received the list. As of yet, I have not received a phone call though.

We’re holding another meeting in half an hour, which might not be enough notice for people to get here, but if you can, DO. You won’t regret it. However, the building locks at six (although we have demanded that it remain open longer) so bear that in mind.

A party of delegates from UCU is apparently on its way here at the moment to show some support.

Again, a shout out to all the other occupations around the country, and we’d like to make it very clear that we maintain a united front with all the other colleges and universities still protesting the cuts and fees.

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