Statement Regarding the Cancellation on Lectures

Despite repeated calls from those of us involved in the occupation for lectures not to be cancelled in the occupation space, it was announced by security this morning that lectures from now until the end of the occupation will be cancelled.

We wish to make clear that it is not the will of the occupation to disrupt the student experience, for much of this morning lectures in the occupied space continued as normal and we occupiers sat quietly at the back of the lecture theatre. We would like this to continue so we can better engage with students on campus as well as express our unwillingness to needlessly disrupt experiences of education.

With university management looking set to continue with lecture cancellations within Lecture Theatre B in the Roscoe Building, we have decided to establis a Free School over the coming days where we can be creative, enjoy lectures from anti-cuts, anti-fees academics and debate the way forward for our movement. So come along and join the resistance!

Watch this space for further details..

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6 Responses to Statement Regarding the Cancellation on Lectures

  1. Mohamed G says:

    What about trying to find out what lectures take place in Lecture theatre B and get in touch with the lecturers directly to try and get as many of them as possible to keep their lectures there? Act quick if you want to do that before the new system gets established

  2. Manchester Student says:

    So with your pro-education occupation you are actually stopping students from going to lectures, which don’t forget, they have paid for. Congratulations on that one.

    • As I type we’re vacating the lecture theatre to allow people to attend their lecture. Afterwards we’ll reoccupying. The University cancelled the lectures and we called on them to put them back on again.

      So no, you are completely wrong on our stance there. 🙂

  3. Omid says:

    Can I direct you to this…:

    There’s a flyer that people can download and print off if they want, plus a link to this blog. I’m going to put links to other occupations around the country and maybe get a forum going if that’s what people would like to see…

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