Fourth press release.

Fourth press release.

After a meeting of over eighty students, half have decided to occupy the lecture theatre overnight. The massive extra support we’ve received today is a huge boost and we’re very grateful for the messages on the blog ( as well as texts from other student occupations around the country.

As a result of a meeting at 5.30pm today we’ve organised a teach in tomorrow from 1pm onwards with banner making and painting, lectures about the cuts, talks from various student organisations and events organised by the protestors, student societies and other organisations. Earlier today a party of delegates from a UCU meeting visited us in the occupation with a statement of support and left after giving us a monetary donation which we intend to spend on advertising upcoming events.

We have been coordinating our actions with other groups in occupation around the country. This occupation is now an indefinite arrangement, with a delegation to be sent down to London on Sunday for the National Coordination Meeting. We’re looking ahead to the national day of protest on Tuesday and call on all students, both at university and college, to come out again to show support for the movement and to stand strong in the face of the coalition government. Through unity we believe we can achieve our aims.

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2 Responses to Fourth press release.

  1. Tanzil says:

    big up students. keep it up. lets continue the anti-cuts/- tuition fees party!

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