Meeting tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow morning we’re hosting an open meeting in the Roscoe Building, Lecture Theatre B to discuss where to go next with the protests.

11am, huge lecture theatre, so plenty of room for one and all.

Most importantly, spread the word and make sure people know that we’re in here and that we’re planning more peaceful protesting. It is just a meeting tomorrow morning, nothing more.

If anyone has lectures in here… sorry! The university is apparently cancelling all lectures in here though, which is not a choice we’ve made, but a choice we’re capitalising on.

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2 Responses to Meeting tomorrow morning.

  1. David Cameron says:

    Hows it looking in numbers-wise in there? Can anyone join in?

    You guys need food and water?

    • Sorry for the late reply, Mr, er, Cameron… internet access is a bit crap here! No one could get in last night but if people want to come and join us today they’re more than welcome – just walk in as if you have a lecture and we’re sitting at the back. More food is always welcome although the SWP just turned up with a bit. Cheers

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