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Tea party and lots of contact information.

So, we’ve bedded in and bedded back out again (there was a law lecture in our bedroom so we’re in the foyer at the moment). We’re looking forward to get some cool events sorted out and we’re proud to announce our first. Today there’s going to be a talk in Lecture Theatre B at 11am on Debt Generation. Come along to that if you fancy it.

But if that’s a bit hardcore for you in the morning, pop along to our tea party in the same room from 3pm onwards. Hopefully we’ll have sorted out some free drinks, tea and cucumber sandwiches by then. All terribly British. (Have to work on that. Bring falafel!) We’ve invited the Manchester Riveters to have their hustings here this afternoon too, but it’s probably too short notice.

There’s also going to be a film showing this evening. It’ll be something with a feminist/LGBT vibe if we manage to get in contact with either society in time, but if not, we have Fight Club and Naomi Klein’s The Shock Doctrine waiting in reserve.

As for contact details, you might have noticed the Contact tab at the top of the homepage. If not, here’s a link:

Each of the email addresses on there will contact specific people here at the occupation. If you email, can you also send a copy to please? Just so we have a central location for all communication.

Cheers, love you all, and can’t wait to see you x

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Network X

This is going to be really, really big. On the weekend of the 15th and 16th of January networks and anticut groups from all over the country will be meeting in Manchester at the Manchester Metropolitan University Students Union to discuss the future of the movement, as well as unifying the groups around the country and looking at some working together with other similarly minded groups, networks and individuals. Over 35 separate networks, groups and organisations are expected to attend, made up of hundreds of people. Network X is primarily an autonomous, non-party affiliated gathering, looking to create solidarity between all groups with a single aim – to overcome the foul social cuts imposed on us by the coalition government.

Throughout the day there will be a childs space allowing people with kids to come along, as well as food laid on, sleeping space provided for both the Friday and Saturday nights, and other support provided for those in need of particular specialist assistance.

See for further details.

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What parliament can do the movement can undo!

The Christmas holidays have seen a small break in action for some, but now term is restarting and there are actions and demonstrations planned around Manchester throughout the coming weeks.  This Monday 28 students and education workers from across Greater Manchester gathered at an Education Activist Network meeting to discuss the next steps in the campaign.  There was discussion regarding the 29th January when students across the country are mobilising for a major march again.  In London EAN, NCAFC and the UCU have organised a march to continue the student movement into the new year.  In Manchester the TUC have called a rally against youth unemployment and education cuts together with NUS and UCU in Platt Fields park.  We decided to support the rally in Manchester but to put a call out for there to be a march from the rally into the centre of Manchester.  The students have so far been at the head of this movement.  We have organised three marches in Manchester and taken hundreds to march in London.  We welcome the support of the TUC and NUS for our movement but will not allow ourselves to become sidelined in the movement.  We have taken a lead and called for everyone to leave the rally at 2pm and march into town.

We also discussed the next day of action over EMA on 26th January.  The college students their called for a protest starting after college had finished to see students marching into the city centre from all their schools and colleges across Manchester.  The day of the vote on EMA has since been announced so the date of this action may change.

The Roscoe occupation has formed as an official society within the university of Manchester, although members are welcome from across the city. Meetings are planned throughout the month, keep your eyes on the facebook account for details!

The next term will see an already unpopular government push on making even more cuts every week.  We call on students to continue the fight every week there are more lives destroyed by these cuts and more people to join the fight.  The lecturers union the UCU will be balloting for strike action we fully support the lecturers in their fight urge them to vote yes to taking strike action and will be doing everything we can to win support for the lecturers in the student body and wider society.

With the restarting of term we will be holding two meetings in the University to continue to build the campaign.  20th January at 5pm we will be holding an organising meeting and on Thursday 3rd February 5pm we will be holding the first meeting of the term.  We urge as many people as possible to come to our meetings and help us build the biggest campaign possible.

Key events

15th-16th January all weekend – Network X, MMU Students Union.

20th January 5pm Organising meeting for cuts group in Man Uni all welcome

26th January 4pm save our EMA protest all colleges across Greater Manchester called by Greater Manchester EAN

29th January 1pm assemble Platt Fields park for rally against cuts and youth unemployment and education cuts called by TUC, PCS, NUS and UCU

2pm march from Platt Fields Park to Manchester Town Hall called by Greater Manchester Education Activist Network

30th January National student assembly London transport tba

3rd February 5pm first meeting of new anti cuts society in Manchester University all welcome

26th March National march against the Cuts.  London.  Called by Trade Union Congress

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Message of support from Turkey

Hello from Turkey to the brave student activists in UK!..We, the members of the public laborers in the universities, want to declare that we are in solidarity with your resistance in the name of emancipatory struggle on education rights.

We are excitedly following the protests by students and teachers throughout Europe and most willingly supporting them. We believe that these protests could be resulted with a new epoch in overthrowing the capitalism.

The capitalists create crisis and the solving the criris was expecting from the labour. This is basically unfair. We won’t pay the price of the crisis! Neoliberalism and its officers would not take over our universities.

They would not be able to close down the university doors to the workers’ kids. We are watching over you and celebrate you in resisting to that capitalist monsters.

Viva la revolucion!

Trade Union of Education, Science and Culture Laborers, Universities Section in Ankara

15 December 2010, Ankara / TURKEY

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Message of Support from Manchester Philosophy Department

“To everyone at the Roscoe Occupation

Staff from Philosophy would like to express their support for the
peaceful demonstrations by University of Manchester students against
the proposed cuts to Higher Education funding. We, the undersigned,
oppose the removal of government funding for the teaching of the Arts,
Humanities and Social Sciences. We believe that the proposals will
have detrimental consequences for Higher Education Institutions in
Britain and that they seriously misrepresent the value of Arts,
Humanities and Social Sciences in fostering independent and critical
thought. We also believe that the raising of tuition fees will place
unfair financial burdens on graduates and that this is likely to
increase social inequality.  We support our students in their
resistance the government’s proposals and in their occupation of the
Roscoe Building.

Chris Daly
Julian Dodd
John O’Neill
Joel Smith
Thomas Smith
Graham Stevens
Ann Whittle”

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Statement of Solidarity from Staff in the Faculty of Humanities, Social Science and Law at MMU

DEFEND EDUCATION FOR ALL- Statement of support

“We sent a statement of support for the students peacefully occupying the Roscoe Building and would like to add the following names to the list:

Dept of Sociology

Prof. Chris Allen, Prof. Scott Poynting, Dr. Christian Klesse, Patrick Williams, Dr. Susie Jacobs, Dr. Andrea Hollomotz, Jac Eke, Liz Cain, Rob Ralphs, Dr Joanne Massey, Dr. Kathryn Chadwick

Dept of Politics and Philosophy

Dr Keith Crome, Dr Mark Sinclair, Amir Barik, Dr Gary Banham, Dr Ullrich Haase, Dr. Steven Hurst, Jonathon Rodwell, Dr Mike Tyldesley, Dr Janet Mather, Don Milligan

Dept of History & Economic History

Dr Melanie Tebbutt, Prof. Neville Kirk, Dr. Tony Adams, Sam Johnson, Prof. David Nicholls.

Obviously the result on Thursday 9th December 2010 on tuition fees was disappointing, however, it did highlight how divided the Liberal Democrats are and what an unpopular bill tuition fees has been.  We would therefore urge you to continue to support any cuts in education whether in Higher Education or elsewhere.   Newspapers have stated that revenge is a dish best served cold and this will no doubt be true when the next General Election happens

Yours in solidarity

Staff in the Faculty of Humanities, Social Science and Law at MMU”

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